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Hoezen Code Jaar Label
01 1966 CBS 203.002
A Flower Power
B You're my mother
02 1967 CBS 3355
A Up the airy mountain
B The latter days
03 1969 Philips BF1775
A Shangri-la
B House on the hill
04 1970 Philips 6006 022
A Jumping Jehosaphat
B Won't let it go
05 1973 RAK 146
A Crazy
B Do you love me
06 1973 RAK 152
A Hypnosis
B Last tango in London
Japanse versieDuitse versie 07 1973 RAK 159
A Dyna-mite
B Do it all over again
08 1973 RAK 166
A Tigerfeet
B Mr. Bagatelle
09 1974 RAK 170
A The cat crept in
B Morning
10 1974 RAK 178
A Rocket
B The ladies
12" 11 1974 RAK 187
A Lonely this Christmas
B I can't stand it
12 1975 RAK 194
A The secrets that you keep
B Still watching the clock
13 1975 RAK 201
A Oh boy
B Watching the clock
14 1975 RAK 208
A Moonshine Sally
B Bye bye Johnny
15 1975 RAK 213
A One night
B Shake, rattle and roll/See you later alligator
16 1975 RAK 5C006-97234
A Hula love
B Dyna-mite/The cat crept in/Tiger feet (medley)
Spaanse versie 17 1975 Philips 6075 450
A L'L'Lucy
B My love is your love
18 1975 Philips 6075 451
A Show me you're a woman
B Don't you know
Spanish version 19 1976 Philips 6078 455
A Shake it down
B Laugh, live and love
20 1976 Philips 6078 456
A Nite on the Tiles
B Time and again
21 1976 Philips 6078 457
A Lean on me
B Greacian Lament
22 1976 RAK 1C006-97878
A Living doll
B Blue moon
23 1976 RAK 1C006-98586
A Let's have a party
B I love how you love me
24 1977 Private Stock PVT 113
A Beating around the bush
B Under the moon of love
25 1977 RCA PB 5024
A Slow talking boy
B Let me out
26 1977 RCA PB 5042
A Just try (a little tenderness)
B Gives you the good times now
27 1978 RCA PB 5075
A Cut across Shorty
B We've got to know (We gotta know)
28 1978 RCA PB 5096
A Drift away
B Let me get (close to you)
29 1978 RCA PB 5129
A Why do fools fall in love/ Book of love
B Run, don't walk
picture disk frontpicture disk back 30 1979 Carrere Car 117
A Drop everything and run
B Taking the easy way out
31 1980 RCA PB 5215
A You'll like it
B Can't Stop
32 1982 Runaway Records 0030.617
A Lipstick on your collar
B Don't ever change
101 1974 RAK 179
Onder de naam "DUM"
A In The Mood
B Watching the clock
102 1977 Warner Bross 16883
A A groovy kind of love
B U.S. Style
103 1977 Warner Bross K 17007
A What do you want to make those eyes at me for
B Stand still Stella
104 1979 Warner Bross K 17316
A I think of you
B I think I'll go that way
105 1978 Logo Go 310
ROLY (= Rob Davis + Ray Stiles)
A Don't ever change
B Yes I do
106 1978 Logo Go 327
ROLY (= Rob Davis + Ray Stiles)
A Car friends
B Roly pin
107 1980 Carrere Car 136
A Rico
B Make a buck
108 1981 RCA_123
Maxi-single 12" Rock on Elvis
The king of rock 'n roll
King Creole
Blue suede shoes
All shook up
Jail house rock
Hound dog
Wooden heart
Rock a hula baby
Got a lot o' livin to do
Let me be your teddy bear
The songs of the king
Love me tender
Heartbreak hotel
Are you lonesome tonight
Can't help falling in love
Crying in the chapel
The wonder of you
From an American trilogy
109 1982 Runaway 503
A Don't you say it
B Streetfighter
110 1983 Pinnacle Records Pin33
FOTON (= Ray Stiles & Ann Raymond)
A Bamboo Curtain
B The game we play

Niet in de tracklist / Not included in the tracklist

close-up 111 1980 Magnet MAG174
DARTS (with Rob Davis)
A Let's hang on
B Cairoli
112 1980 Magnet MAG179
DARTS (with Rob Davis)
A Peaches
B Dirty heartache
113 1980 Magnet MAG184
DARTS (with Rob Davis)
A White Christmas
B Sh-boom & Don't say yes (live)
Rob Davis & Oliver Cleaton
A Wish on a star (the wedding song)
THE HOLLIES (with Ray Stiles)
A He ain't heavy
B I'm alive
THE HOLLIES (with Ray Stiles)
A He ain't heavy
B Carrie Anne & On A Carousel

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